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Three leading businesses in the plumbing and renewables industries, Pegler, Sunampand Flamco, have formed a circular partnership that allows experts in their field to support each other by creating innovative new products and by diversifying the use of existing products in alternative markets and applications.

Part of the global Aalberts organisation, Pegler’s award winning VSH Tectite fitting, has been specified by Sunamp - specialists in thermal energy storage - in its heat battery products over the last few years, initially on the Sunamp PV products and now on the company’s UniQ range. In turn, Sunamp is co-operating with Flamco, also part of the Aalberts group and manufacturer of components for use in HVAC systems,  on its FlexTherm Eco range creating a truly holistic approach to supporting the ever-growing renewables sector.

“The functionality and versatility of our product range and the ability of our organisation to diversify into new markets is perfectly exhibited here and shows the global drive of companies across the Aalberts group to pioneer the latest technologies,” said Iain Morrison Area Sales Manager, Pegler. 

“We are proud to have such strong relationships with our customers and partner companies to ensure the renewables and plumbing sectors are supported in their ambitious and necessary growth plans.”

Sunamp chose VSH Tectite Pro fittings in its application due to its suitability for potable water and use at the temperatures and pressures that were specified. The Sunamp UniQ range of compact heat batteries use phase change material (PCM) to store heat energy which typically requires just a third of the space in comparison to traditional hot water stores. Compatible with solar PV, existing boilers and heat pumps it delivers a flexible solution to upgrading systems and saving energy in homes.

As a world leader in heat storage technology, Sunamp is working together with Flamco on its FlexTherm Eco range completing the circular partnership between the three companies and facilitating the efficiency and success of each product range and business portfolio.

“VSH Tectite Pro was ideal for this particular Sunamp product application and delivered the added benefits of push fit technology allowing the fittings to be positioned correctly at the point of installation without the need for tools or hot works permits, thereby speeding up installation times and enhancing safety credentials,” said Susan Lang-Bissell COO Sunamp.

“The fittings connect our heat batteries to the hot water pipework to deliver hot water in domestic settings, delivering fantastic efficiencies when compared with other methods of domestic hot water systems. Such circular partnerships are a great way to do business in our industry, delivering benefits to all as well as allowing us to use our niche expertise to assist others in developing technologies.”

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